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(effective January 1, 2015))

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We do not normally require retainers or prepayment of fees, except in cases where a large number of research hours, costs, and/or agency fees are anticipated, or where a client has demonstrated payment problems. All charges are based on our fees listed below, with the exception of specially negotiated prices for publications and large-volume or continuing projects.

We prefer that verbal requests for service be confirmed in writing on firm or business letterhead outlining the scope of the anticipated research, and providing us with optional client matter/order reference numbers; Requests by FAX or e-mail are also acceptable. The client ordering our services is ultimately responsible for payment. If payment is to be made by a third party, we must be notified in advance of commencement of work, so that we may decide if any prepayments are required. We normally invoice clients at the conclusion of the research project. Interim billings may be required for large projects. Accounts are payable in full within 30 days. A monthly service charge of 1.5% ($2.00 minimum) will be applied to all overdue accounts.

We can generally provide time and cost estimates on any research project, although this may require a preliminary review of resources; most often this will require no more than two hours of billable time. As a "rule-of-thumb", most single session laws usually require 2 - 5 hours of billable time to research and document.

All research and retrieval projects are based on an hourly rate in three turnaround time frames: (1) Regular, results within 7-10 working days; (2) Expedited, results within 3-4 working days; and (3) Super-Expedited, results within 1-2 working days. These time frames cannot be guaranteed on large or complex projects or where problems with state agencies are encountered. Our special retrieval rate is for those orders that simply require the retrieval of specified documents where no selection has to be made:

Hourly Rates:            

Research: (1) $80.00 (2) $100.00 (3) $125.00

Retrieval:   (1) $40.00 (2) $45.00 (4)  $60.00

Other Charges:

Copying: $.25/page minimum. Agency copying charges in excess of that amount charged at cost plus a prepayment handling fee if the amount is large (see next item).

Agency Fees and Costs (prepaid by FIA): actual cost plus 10% handling fee; minimum $1.00. We may at our option, either waive this fee, set a prepayment amount limitation, or require a deposit, depending upon the client’s payment history.

Shipping: No charge for normal U.S. Postal delivery not to exceed 8 ounces. Other shipping costs are billed at actual shipping costs plus a $5.00 handling fee. For deliveries that are to be billed to the client’s express shipping account there is a $5.00 handling fee.

FAX / IMAGE Transmissions: FAX: $1.00/page, IMAGING and transmission via e-mail: $.50/image ($5.00 minimum). FAX transmission to toll free numbers: complimentary up to 5 pages; $.50/page over 5 pages.

Electronic File Transfers: Many of our in-house documents are available in PDF file format and can be transmitted as attachments to e-mails. There is a minimum $5.00 transfer fee for this service. For files too large for e-mailing, we can either copy those files to a CD-ROM or upload them to our website for a $10.00 fee. Additional document scanning fees may apply.

Long Distance Call-Backs: Generally complimentary for most projects. If, at our determination, the amount of call backs are excessive, we may impose a $4.00 minimum per call-back or elect to charge at our hourly rate for calls of long durations.

Outsourced Services: Specialized services arranged or brokered by FIA, such as tape transcription, specialized research, copying of special media, etc., will be billed at the provider’s charges plus a 20% handling fee.