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Florida Information Associates, Inc., has been specializing in Florida Legislative History research since 1984.  We have provided research services to over 1700 clients nationwide, including many of the country’s leading law firms.  To learn more about our services and fees, go to our services and fees page

By our second year in business we realized the value of preserving copies of legislative documents we retrieved from the State Archives and began filing them by session law to facilitate research.  Within four years we had accumulated material on dozens of laws, and began collecting current session materials on a systematic basis for future use.  In 1988, with encouragement from the librarians of the six law schools then existing in the state, we began an on-going project to collect and arrange copies of legislative committee documentation and make it available in microfilm format.  Initially the compilation contained only the final staff analyses of bills enacted into law each year.  In subsequent years we added staff analyses of similar and comparable bills, vetoed bills, resolutions and memorials, legislative directories, and summaries of general legislation for each year.  We prepared the compilation on microfilm from 1988 through 1996, which contained 5,000-9,000 document images per session year.  (The hard copy of this series was retrospectively imaged in PDF format in 2000.)

In 1997, when the Florida Legislature began making many of its records available in electronic format, we suspended the microfilm format and began compiling documents in the newer format.  As a result, we expanded our coverage ten-fold, to include all bill versions, all versions of the staff analysis of each bill, amendments, and the Senate and House Journals.  In 1998 we added the Final Legislative Bill Information Book (commonly called the “citator”) to the compilation, and in 1999 we added copies of all general session laws.

The Florida Legislative History Documentation Series is arranged by session law number, making it easy for the researcher to locate documentation on the bill that became law, and in later years, on other bills which the legislative staff designated as “identical,” “similar” or “comparable” to the bill that passed.

In addition to the legislative documentation series, which covers all laws passed during a given legislative session, from time to time we also prepare compilations on selected pieces of legislation.  These “major issue” compilations usually contain documentation from two or more legislative sessions, as this type of legislation is often controversial and requires negotiation between the various parties before they can come to agreement on policies and language.

We also provide digital reproductions of official legislative reports and publications relating to major issues addressed by the Legislature such as tort reform, medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, insurance, etc.



Format:   PDF

Cost: $450 per session

$3,645 (full set of 9 sessions)

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Format: PDF

Cost: $825/session (single-user license)

$925/session (multi-user, in-house access license)

$1,000/session (multi-user, full access license)

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Current subscribers are eligible for an additional 10% discount on purchases of subsequent years in the series.


  • Single-user license:  Authorized use on one stand-alone, non-networked computer.  The entire compilation may be downloaded to a hard drive or used on a multiple CD reading system.  Authorized users may print unlimited hard copies of documents, and may copy only one(1) compilation file to recordable disk media under the direct control of the subscriber per user session.  The use of a copied compilation file is for the authorized user’s research purposes only, and any further duplication (electronic or otherwise) is prohibited without the express consent of Florida Information Associates.  In instances where a file is copied, and is used in a legal pleading or general publication, proper legal citation and credit shall be given to Florida Information Associates.

  • Multiple-User, In-House Access license:  All of the Single-User privileges and conditions as above, plus authorization to make this compiled series available via an in-house network or LAN on up to ten (10) in-house workstations or terminals.  ln-House is defined as the subscriber’s principal office or institutional location at one physical street address.

  • Multiple-User, Full Access license:  All of the Single-User and Multiple-User In-House privileges and conditions as above, plus authorization to make this compilation series available to all in-house workstations or terminals and to any authorized person at any branch office or remote location formally associated with the subscriber’s principal place of business.  This Full-Access license does not apply to commercial, legal, business or general public database or information providers or re-sellers, electronic or otherwise.